FAQ - Recycled Plastic Rugs

How are they made?

1. Plastic articles are collected from discarded rubbish in India 

2. Plastic rubbish is then sorted into colours and cleaned 

3. Plastic is sorted and melted down into granules

4. These granules are then made into long plastic tubes (very similar to a drinking straw) which are then woven together to form rugs

What do they feel like?

They feel like soft plastic drinking straws woven together, they can add cushion, comfort and colour to any area. 

Are they shiny or slippery?

No these rugs are not slippery

Do they slide around on my floor?

If you are concerned about your rugs moving about, you can hold down the corners/edges with furniture, pot plants, or you can buy 'rug grippers' from any hardware store, which secure your rug to the floor. 

They come rolled so do the ends flick up?

They rugs come rolled up ;for shipping purposed, so they are easy to carry around and to help prevent folds in the rug. Your rug will flatten out easily once you lay it flat on the ground. We often put something over the ends temporally to help with this. 

What can they be used for?

What can't they be used for? These rugs can be used both outside and inside. They can be used inside for spaces like: laundry, bathroom, under a kitchen table, nursery, kids rooms etc. They can be used outside for; camping, tents, camper vans, the beach, the batch, patios, decks, gardens, backyards, balconies, picnics, parties, events, market stalls etc. These rugs are also great for schools and daycares. 

How durable are they? 

Yes, these rugs are a high quality and should last you years of use. They are made to be used, picked up and moved about. 

How do I clean them?

However you like. You can sweep, mop, vacuum, spot clean or pick up the whole rug and shake of the dirt or even hose down with the garden hose!

What colours and sizes do they come in?

They come in over 60 colours and patterns. Most of the rugs come in 4 sizes; 90 x 179, 120 x 179, 150 x 238 and 180 x 270cm These are all rectangular in shape. We also have two square sizes  180 x 180cm, and our XL  270 x 270cm. These both come folded so they are easy to carry around. There are also two round designs, these are 180cm in diameter. 

What are the other benefits of these rugs?

-These rugs are made from 100% recycled materials, and and made using minimal waste.

-The rugs are all UV protected and will not fade even when left out in the sun!

-They are very lightweight and portable, they only weight about 1kg 

-They are hypoallergenic!

Any other questions? 

Give us a call on 09-483-7069 or flick us an email at info@thetradinghouse.co.nz